Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Video Replay

Manny Pacquiao out boxed Timothy Bradley for 10 of their 12-round encounter but lost a split decision, thanks to two of the three judges that worked the fight here Saturday at the MGM Grand Arena. Bradley scored the upset of the year when he defeated Pacquiao via split decision, 113-115, 115-113, and 115-113 in their World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight clash. The decision was booed lustily by the crowd when announced by ring announcer Michael Buffer.Fight statistics showed Pacquiuao overwhelmed the challenger in all departments connecting 253 punches of the 751 he threw for 34 percent as against Bradley’s 159-of-839 of a measly 19 percent.

Bradley threw 449 jabs as compared Pacquiao’s 258, but the Filipino connected 63 times for an average 24 percent accuracy. The American landed only 51 for a very poor 11 percent. As for the power punches thrown, Pacquiao swung his. As a result, the 33-year-old eight-division champion lost his World Boxing Organization welterweight title, while suffering his only fourth loss in 60 fights in his 16-year career. The 28-year-old Bradley, who extended his unbeaten run to 29, 12 of them by knockouts, thus, crowned the new WBO 147-pound belt-owner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley Round by Round Update

Welcome to round-by-round coverage of the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight with unofficial scoring after each round. Make sure to refresh (F5) this page regularly to get the latest updates, which are arranged from the most recent to the earliest post. We are less than an hour away from the pay-per-view, and I can say I am genuinely excited for this fight and card. I think that the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight has the potential to be very exciting for the whole rounds. The fight will be held at 147 pounds, it is going to be a very full action packed fight, and each fighter is willing to engage in a full scale war, battle of the fittest, battle for supremacy, battle for pride and honor.

WBO Welterweight championship Bout
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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

Round 1: Thank you for patience the fight is going to be start in a minute. Bradley first came out. He is now inside the Ring. Manny Pacquiao turns. Pacquiao now inside the ring. Pacquiao opens southpaw while Bradley is orthodox. Pacquiao goes to the body after jabbing and lands. Bradley triples up on the jab and lands a right partially through the gloves. Pacquiao drives a straight right upstairs, but Bradley blocks it completely. Bradley lands a hard right and left to the body. Pacquiao drives two hard straight lefts at the end, both the best punches of the round.
Round 2: Bradley looking to counter off the left straight. Nice left from Pacquiao seems to get to Bradley. They tie up and Bradley digs away. Both men land a left. Sneaky jab from Pacquiao. Slower pace in the second half. Bradley bulls forward with punches and lasts a few before a left from Bradley makes him disengage. Bradley with his hands low trying to goad Pacquiao. Nice left from Bradley at the end. Announcers talking up Pacquiao's punches, but aside from that one in the beginning, they didn't seem to get to Bradley. 19-19.
Round 3: Pacquiao again lands a straight left timing off the right, but Bradley's still in Pacquiao's face. And another straight left. Bradley curls a right hook to the body. Pacquiao again drives a left to Bradley's jaw. Good right by Bradley, but he pays for it with another left from Pacquiao.
Round 4: Pacquiao eats a right hook to the body, but it's not super heavy. They're brawling in close quarters and trading shots. Pacquiao lands a right hook. Referee warns Bradley to get his punches up. Pacquiao seems really lose now and is landing hard. Bradley looks to be hurt and is holding on after Pacquiao pours it on.
Round 5: Bradley slowing down a lot now and Pacquiao seems to be looking for a particular kind of shot. Bradley backs Pacquiao into a corner, but a four-punch combination allows him to work his way out. Pacquiao lands a huge left hand and again Bradley seems hurt, but manages to hang on until the end of the round.
Round 6: Pacquiao jabbing and looking to open Bradley up, but so far he's playing coy. Bradley lands a bit of a right hook. Pacquiao, however, returns fire and lands two hard left hands. Now he's got Bradley against the ropes and is trying to bomb on him. Pacquiao lands a left between the gloves.
Round 7: Bradley opens the round driving a couple of hooks to Pacquiao's ribs, but they don't phase him at all. Pacquiao now landing a hard left to the Bradley's midsection. Another left straight from Pacquiao. Pacquiao sticking and moving and while Bradley is trying it's just not working. Bradley gets a little rocked again with a left.
Round 8: Bradley again lands two nice hard right hooks. Near headbutt there and Pacquiao lands a right and now a left again. Lots of clinches and lots of breaks and this should be another round for Pacquiao even if the Filipino is often off balance chasing punches at the end of combinations.
Round 9: Bradley opens every round with hooks to the body. Pacquiao tries to land a straight left, but it's blocked. Bradley slips dodging a punch and the crowd roars, but nothing happened. Fighters now trading hard hooks, but Pacquiao's punches seem to be a lot harder. Nice right by Bradley lands and then a left. Pacquiao drives a left hand through Bradley's defense.
Round 10: Pacquiao covering up as Bradley is a little more active than usual. Bradley landing punches here and there to chants of his name in the arena. Pacquiao not doing much at all this round. Nothing dominant for Bradley, but Pacquiao's output in this frame has been slow.
Round 11: Both fighters trading jabs and now Bradley pressing Pacquiao against the ropes, but can't get anything from it. Pacquiao lands a nice left straight. Hard right hook by Pacquiao and another near headbutt. Both fighters trade right hooks.
Round 12: Nice sneaky short left over the top for Bradley. And then a good right to the body for the challenger. Hard but short right over the top from Pacquiao. Pacquiao eats an uppercut as Bradley is trying to finish strong. Left hand for Pacquiao finds the mark as the fight ends.

Final Results: Timothy Bradley defeats Manny Pacquiao by split decision (115-113 B, 115-113 P, 115-113 B)